ERBS welcomes globally aligned targets for sustainable beef

26th November 2020

On 18th November, the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) came together with over 30 members and Platform representatives in an online meeting to discuss 2020 activity and look ahead to 2021.

The ERBS is closely affiliated with SAI Platform and is also closely associated with the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) being recently elected to sit at the GRSB board of directors under the roundtable constituency. To reflect this, the ERBS contributed this year to the GRSB Acceleration Fund to assist the development of the GRSB 2020-2030 strategy with a focus on target setting in greenhouse gases, land use and biodiversity, and animal well-being. Members were informed about the GRSB global draft goals which will be agreed next year following a public consultation. ERBS has existing targets in many of these areas and representatives are working together to ensure that any global goals set are aligned or build on to these goals.

The collaborative benefits of SAI Platform’s Spotlight tool were showcased in a presentation that also highlighted the operational practicalities of this data collating tool. ERBS members are looking forward to joining a training session on December 15th.

As part of the work towards the ERBS targets, each country level Platform outlined an action plan and ERBS already aims to upload this information to the Spotlight tool to highlight areas of potential collaboration, not only to other ERBS members, but to SAI Platform members more widely. The ERBS is looking forward to using this tool more in 2021 as Platforms continue their sustainability programmes and report on progress to the ERBS.