FSA and Cool Farm Tool to Measure the Sustainability Performance

5th December 2017

In 2017, we started a partnership together with the Cool Farm Alliance (CFA). Our aim was to implement a FSA metrics module into our IT system, and connect it to the Cool Farm Tool, making it compatible for users of both systems.

With the FSA Web-App up and running we have a great new channel with which to engage farmers about sustainability. From this year, once a farm has completed the FSA questionnaire, they will be given the option to complete any of the FSA metrics fields and link their account to their Cool Farm Tool assessment.

This exciting collaboration aims to give SAI Platform the opportunity to understand where we can improve our FSA programme. At the same time, we are giving our members an insight into how effective their FSA implementation has been, and we allow farmers and producer groups to understand their performance in real terms, and give them something quantitative to measure this against.