Pre-Competitive Sharing at its Best – PepsiCo Offers Sustainable Farming Program Toolkit

4th December 2018

BRUSSELS 4 December 2018 – SAI Platform is delighted to receive from committed member PepsiCo, full access to its Sustainable Farming Program (SFP) Toolkit.

A key part of SAI Platform is to offer support, enable better understanding and provide the necessary tools for our members to fully commit to a sustainable value chain. With access to this extensive toolkit, SAI Platform will strengthen the reach and adoption of its Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) programme. By providing enhanced training and guidance to farmers and their organisations, we aim to generate further interest and participation in sustainable agricultural practices.

The Sustainable Farming Program (SFP) is PepsiCo’s continuous improvement programme for advancing sustainable agriculture with farmers in the supply chain. The SFP Toolkit is an elaborate set of training materials, workshop activities, guides and exercises to support farmers in adopting more sustainable agricultural practices.

SAI Platform will be able to build on these materials, which have been utilised and fine-tuned over many years, in over 40 countries worldwide. SAI Platform will release a set of training materials in March 2019 that will better enable organisations to provide practical support to farmers that work with the FSA. While globally relevant, the SFP Toolkit is particularly appropriate for small-scale farmers in a developing setting, which responds well to the needs of many members to work with the FSA in these challenging settings.

PepsiCo’s contribution to the FSA Programme is a strong testimony of its commitment to SAI Platform. It is a reflection of the spirit of the global food and drink industry for developing sustainable agriculture practices through member-driven pre-competitive collaboration.

“PepsiCo is committed to driving positive impact in the agricultural communities where we source. With the help of experts at Control Union we have developed a sophisticated improvement approach – the tool kit – that supports our farmers in the adoption of sustainable farming practices. It’s abundantly clear to us however that the transformational change in the agricultural sector we seek will only be achieved in partnership with peer companies. That is why we decided to make this tool available to SAI Platform for the benefit of the entire membership. We hope it contributes to taking SAI Platform to new heights and helps farmers capitalize on sustainable agriculture”, says Andre Eitner, PepsiCo Sustainable Agriculture Manager and responsible for the development of the SFP Toolkit.

Having access to this rich resource means that we can help our members support farmers better in understanding and improving the way they farm.

Sven Sielhorst
Systems Director at SAI Platform

“Having access to this rich resource means that we can help our members support farmers better in understanding and improving the way they farm. In 2019, we will have a bigger and better set of support materials available for FSA users. This is much quicker than I dared to imagine, thanks to PepsiCo’s leadership”, commented Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director at SAI Platform.