Leah Blechschmidt

Americas Manager
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Leah’s current role within SAI Platform is to lead strategy and activities in both North and South America, including Brazil. Leah ensures that SAI Platform tools and initiatives are locally relevant, and that work in the Americas is aligned with the wider SAI Platform delivery.

Leah joined SAI Platform as a Project Manager for 2 years, where she facilitated the delivery of collaborative opportunities in a diverse range of sustainability topics including labour and responsible recruitment, FSA implementation, wild harvest, and communication.

Prior to joining SAI Platform, Leah worked in various areas of the environmental sector, including ecosystem goods and services delivery, integrated pest management, and research on invasive and at-risk species.

Leah’s education includes an M.Sc. degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph, and B.Sc in Biology from the University of Waterloo.