Nick Betts

Regenerative Agriculture Director
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Nick leads all SAI Platform regenerative agriculture activities, including development of the Regenerative Agriculture Programme.

Nick works with SAI Platform members to accelerate and amplify collaboration to scale regenerative outcomes on farms across the world. This is primarily through the development and deployment of a Regenerative Agriculture Programme and a global network of regenerative hubs for knowledge mobilisation and demonstration of how value chains can collaborate to increase the regenerative capacity of farms.

Nick has previous experience across the value chain from farm to plate, working in advisory, strategy, implementation, and research roles. Nick is founder and director of Blue Orenda Inc., a Canadian firm specialising in agricultural and supply chain sustainability.

Nick holds an MBA (Leadership & Sustainability) from the University of Cumbria, BSc (Ecology) from the University of Guelph, and numerous certifications related to supply chain and farm sustainability.