Nigel Davies

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Nigel is passionate about making real differences in sustainability within the malting supply chain and has spearheaded the establishment of farmer support groups focused on sustainable agriculture.

He developed the world’s first carbon footprint support tool for malting barley that has enabled a 25% reduction in GHG in Muntons supply chain over 10 years.  Nigel coined the phrase ‘Practical Sustainability’ to describe his approach at Muntons to deliver real changes in sustainable practices that are readily understood and that make real differences in carbon emissions rather than hiding behind offsetting. He has been awarded the accolade of being in the top 100 leaders in sustainability in UK manufacturing being described as ‘an inspirational leader’ and a ‘driver of cultural change’ in sustainability.

Previously he has been a research scientist in cereals and a lecturer in cell biology at London University. Outside Muntons, Nigel acts as an expert witness in cases where food safety of cereals is at issue. He is also a reviewing editor on a number of international scientific journals. His interests include playing piano, all terrain cycling, he is qualified to British Sign Language level 3 NVQ and is a Community First Responder assisting paramedics in emergencies.