Funding Regenerative Agriculture Transition

17 Jun 2021Online

This is the third webinar of SAI Platform’s series on regenerative agriculture.

SAI Platform members are increasingly committed to transitioning their supply shed towards more sustainable farming model in emerging and developed economies. It can be challenging to deliver against such goals due to difficult alignment of players along the supply chain and on the ground, to a lack of timely and affordable financing as well as of impactful farming models ready for investment.

Livelihoods Venture and OP2B are joining forces to launch a funding platform that will support companies in developing and financing regenerative agriculture projects to source their ingredients and materials. This platform will be open to all committed companies, in all geographies and will deploy 100 M€ between 2022-2027. The aim is to accelerate practical solutions, incentives and offsetting mechanisms, connecting and empowering local communities and farmers.

This webinar will introduce the goals and modus operandi for accelerating the efforts of SAI Platform members on regenerative agriculture.


  • Eric Servat, Vice President Sustainable Sourcing of Livelihoods, Livelihoods Venture
  • Jérémie de Charentenay, Head of Operations, Livelihoods Venture
  • Thomas Braschi, Head of Investment, Livelihoods Venture