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A portal helping you along your sustainable agriculture journey.

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What's inside

Co-created programmes, tools and resources, helping companies of all shapes and sizes lead the way in sustainable agriculture worldwide.

Who it’s for:
SAI Platform members

Resource Library

Exclusive access to latest webinar recordings, resources and recent developments in sustainable agriculture.

SAI Platform Members can access everything within My SAI Platform including the full suite of exclusive members-only resources and guidance.

  • Webinar recordings

  • Member publications

  • Meeting minutes

  • Guidance documents

  • And more…

Who it’s for:
SAI Platform members

Member directory

Connect with key representatives from all SAI Platform member companies.

Our member directory enables members of SAI Platform to make new connections with any one of the more than 100 companies in our global network.

  • Member company contacts

Who it’s for:
SDP Users

SDP Learning Centre

A learning experience to get you up to speed with the Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP).

With our training modules, you can immediately get started in rolling out the SDP. Our video trainings and additional resources will help you understand SDP and implement it in your supply chain.

  • Video tutorials

  • Technical documents

  • Additional resources

Who it’s for:
FSA Users

FSA Learning Centre

Tailored guidance on the options for implementing the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA).

The FSA Learning Centre is created for FMG Coordinators and supports the decision making processes around the best ways to implement the FSA in supply chains.

  • Video tutorials

  • Technical documents

  • Implementation guidance

  • Quizzes and checklistes

Who it’s for:
Premium addition*

SAI Platform Academy

Interactive and advanced online courses to get you on track to meet your sustainability ambitions.

SAI Platform Academy offers online courses that cover practices for improving the sustainability of agricultural supply chains and extensive training on SAI Platform’s systems and tools.

  • Features

  • Defined curriculum

  • Quizzes and final exam

  • Certificate upon completion

What you get

Access to My SAI Platform is free to all, but you unlock the full FSA benefits with SAI Platform membership.

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Knowledge Base yes
Webinar recordings yes
Meeting minutes yes
Member publications yes
Guidance documents yes
Member Directory yes
SDP Learning Centre yes yes
Video tutorials yes yes
Technical documents yes yes
Additional resources yes yes
FSA Learning Centre yes yes yes
Video tutorials yes yes yes
Implementation guidance yes yes yes
Technical documents yes yes yes
Quizzes and checklists yes yes yes
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