Growing a better planet: Nordzucker sugar beet leading the way in sustainable agriculture practices

14th September 2021

SAI Platform is really proud to release the second in a series of videos showcasing the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) in practice. It is part of SAI Platform’s #GrowingABetterPlanet campaign to raise awareness about the FSA, and how this toolset is helping users achieve their sustainability ambitions.

This latest video was co-developed with SAI Platform member and co-architect of the FSA, Nordzucker. As the sugar beet harvest in Europe gets underway, the video shows how the FSA is part of a bigger approach towards sustainable agriculture for this European sugar market leader.

Nordzucker, CEO, Dr. Lars Gorissen explains: “Continuous improvement is an essential topic for Nordzucker and our sugar beet growers, to prepare our crop for the future.”

For Nordzucker, using the FSA is part of an embedded on-farm sustainability practice. Dr. Gorissen continues: “As a company, we have included all our growers into SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) process since 2015 and we are proud to actively collaborate with other SAI Platform members to co-develop a common set of sustainable agricultural principles. The exchange with SAI Platform members gives us valuable insight on sustainability agriculture topics across the food and drink sector.”

Like Nordzucker, many of SAI Platform’s members use the FSA in their operations and at the same time are contributing to its continued development and industry uptake.

“Nordzucker has been one of the true pioneers in developing and using the FSA on a massive scale”, says Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director at SAI Platform. “Sharing experiences and insights, the company has contributed a lot to the recently released version of the FSA. This allows all FSA users to benefit from the experiences gained by this front runner.”

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