SAI Platform’s FSA online tool is now live!

19th April 2016

The FSA online tool was launched last week during SAI Platform’s General Assembly in Dublin. The online tool, created by the International Trade Centre (ITC) for SAI Platform, is a management tool to facilitate FSA supply chain implementation. The FSA online tool is for those companies implementing the crop FSA with their suppliers.

The online tool is free to use for SAI Platform members and their invited suppliers. Please note that the online tool is not yet available for the Beef FSA. 

Key selling points of the FSA online tool:

Member companies may request SAI Platform secretariat to activate a company user account. If interested, please send request to, with the name and email address of the company representative to be the admin account holder for your company.

SAI Platform secretariat and ITC will be on hand to offer training and guidance in rolling out the tool while we continue to develop functionality over the next year. We recommend that companies gain a good level of understanding of both the tool itself and the wider FSA programme before proceeding with implementing the online tool in supply chains.

This is a first release, we will continuously refine and further develop the system over the next coming months with additional functionalities such as:

> For more general information about FSA and the online tool, visit