We welcome Hilton Food Group plc as a new SAI Platform member

16th March 2020

“We chose to join SAI Platform and the ERBS as we are committed to help drive the innovations that will reduce the footprint of our supply chains. To achieve this goal at scale we need to collaborate with like-minded companies across all of our main proteins. ”

Nigel Edwards, CSR Director, Hilton Food Group plc

Hilton Food Group plc is the leading specialist international food packing business supplying major international retailers from state-of-the-art facilities.

Hilton’s business was established in 1994 to set up and operate a beef and lamb central meat packing facility in Huntingdon, England. Hilton has grown rapidly and now has 13 wholly owned or joint venture factories in 8 countries across Europe and Australia, producing a wide variety of products including a major seafood operation in the UK. Our products are now sold in supermarkets across 14 countries.

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