We welcome Lycos-Trnava Malt House as a new SAI Platform member

30th July 2020

“We want to start our sustainability journey with SAI Platform, and help sustainable agriculture become an important pre-requisite for business in Slovakia.”

Juraj Krajcovic, Head of Sales, Lycos-Trnava Malt House

Lycos-Trnava Malt House is located in Slovakia, and produces malt for the largest brewers, including Asahi, Heineken and Carlsberg. The company sources barley from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria in the poor years from France.

At present they produce malt of Pilsen type on three production lines with a total capacity of approximately 70,000 MT annually. More than 95% of its production is exported to the demanding markets in Europe. Customers are independent breweries and multinational holding companies as well, mainly from Central Europe.

To learn more about Lycos-Trnava Malt House: