We welcome Suntory Group as a SAI Platform member

29th July 2022

“We are proud to join SAI Platform in support of our mission to create harmony with people and nature. By joining SAI Platform, we will be able to advance agricultural outcomes through best practices and global approaches and deliver a sustainable future based on the blessings of nature.”

Brian Golden, Senior General Manager, Suntory MONOZUKURI Initiative, Suntory Holdings Limited.

Suntory Group is a global leader in consumer-packaged goods, producing and distributing a diverse portfolio of beverages, premium spirits, beer, wine and wellness products throughout the world. Established in 1899, it is one of the oldest companies in the distribution of alcoholic beverages in Japan. With its headquarters in Osaka (Japan), Suntory Group sells products across 120 countries and employs more than 40,000 people across Japan, Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Africa.

In 2019, Suntory Group set its Sustainability Vision to advance global environmental protection efforts through the conservation of water resources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of circular economy for plastics. Accordingly, Suntory Group is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the whole value chain to net zero by 2050, including a 2030 target of a 30% reduction. Suntory is also committed to respecting human rights in the supply chain and to helping people live spiritually rich and healthy lives.

To learn more about Suntory Group, visit their website.