We welcome Tönnies Group as a SAI Platform member

11th January 2021

“Tönnies is committed to science based Beef sustainability action. We are delighted to team up our Beef strong sustainability measures with the SAI Platform.”

Gunnar Rohwäder, Manager Agricuture, Tönnies Group

The Tönnies Group is a family company and one of the largest slaughter and processing companies for pigs and cattle. The international company has approximately 16,500 employees, and in 2018 generated annual revenue of EUR 6.65 billion. The core business of the company, which was established in 1971, concerns the slaughter, butchering, processing and refining of pigs, sows and cattle.

The family group is active around the world with 25 international offices and production locations and its eight divisions of Meat Pork, Meat Beef, Convenience, Sausages, Ingredients, Logistics, International and Central Services.

The Tönnies Group has identified eight core issues of sustainability where they exert the most influence: animal welfare at slaughter and during animal husbandry, food safety, resource management, working conditions, meat and healthy food, antibiotics reduction and climate protection in animal husbandry.

We are convinced that our path to sustainable meat production will strengthen the company and, at the same time, secure jobs in the long term, support agricultural businesses, improve animal welfare and offer our customers greater benefits. Being member of the ERBS will enable us to accelerate and coordinate our beef sustainability actions” says Gunnar Rohwäder, Manager Agriculture, Tönnies Group.

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