We welcome VIVESCIA as a SAI Platform member

26th April 2022

“As a French grain cooperative Group, and also an agri-food chain actor in wheat, barley and corn transformation, VIVESCIA promote and develop sustainable practices in the fields. By working together with our farmers we are proud to be positively impacting soil and biodiversity and we are convinced that our membership in SAI Platform will support us in accelerating this approach”

Valerie Frapier, CSR, Communication and Group External Relations Officer, VIVESCIA

VIVESCIA is France’s international grain cooperative, owned by 10,000 farmers from the North-East of France and employing 7,000 people in 24 countries worldwide. The cooperative has established strong links between the cereal producing farmers, grain-processing industries and consumers.

For several decades, VIVESCIA provides support for cooperative members in deploying sustainable agriculture practices on their farms (inputs, water, GHG emissions, soil and biodiversity).

To learn more about VIVESCIA, visit their website