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The European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability

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The European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) operates throughout the European region and across the entire value chain, from farm to fork.

It brings stakeholders together in a pre-competitive environment to establish a common agenda, encourage mutually beneficial activities and accelerate the delivery of sustainability.

Our mission

All aspects of the beef value chain are recognised for delivering measurable positive impacts and continuous improvement towards key sustainability priorities.

We have four priority areas with key outcome targets:

  • Environment – greenhouse gas emissions: An intensity reduction of 15% in GHG emissions by 2025, with the aim of setting a future target that recognises the positive role beef production can contribute to mitigating climate change through reduction strategies and sequestration.
  • Animal medicines: Total usage of antibiotics below 10mg/Kg PCU by 2023. Reductions of 50% in the use of HP-CIAs by 2023.
  • Animal health and welfare: Target mortality rates are below 1.5%. For systems with mortality rates above this target, a year on year reduction of 20% should be achieved. All animals to have access to loose housing (when housed) by 2030. All animals are given pain relief (analgesics) for all surgical procedures and for all forms of castration, dehorning and disbudding.
  • Farm management: A reduction in serious accidents (reportable; ref: European Reporting Framework) on farm and a reduction in fatalities with an overall target of zero. Financially viable farms that have a business plan in place.

We know that Europe has diverse production systems and climates. So, rather than creating new standards, the ERBS recognises and reinforces national and local programmes. We encourage and support stakeholders to develop their own approach, go beyond compliance, demonstrate continuous improvement, and work towards measurable sustainability outcomes.

ERBS Consultation on Beef Sustainability Outcomes

With the purpose of gathering insights and input on the ERBS Beef Sustainability Outcomes, the ERBS opened a public consultation for a period of 60 days ending on December 4, 2018. In the right-hand sidebar you can download the ERBS response to the feedback received, as well as the final version of the outcome targets.


The following companies are currently part of The European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability.

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ABP Food Group

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