FSA Introduction Training (in Chinese)

29 Apr 2020GoToWebinar

8:45 am – 5:00 pm CST

We are pleased to announce that we will be running another FSA training webinar for the Chinese market. The training will be delivered by Xinyan Hu, SAI Platform’s Chinese consultant, specialising in FSA.

The training is open to SAI Platform members and their suppliers with operations in China.  Members are also encouraged to invite their suppliers.

This is an important opportunity to become familiar with the FSA and how it can be used to specifically address your sustainability goals in China.

The morning session will cover:

  • Key trends and priority issues in sustainable agriculture
  • The FSA system: Engage, Assess, Improve

The afternoon session will cover:

  • Deployment of FSA in the Chinese supply chain.
  • Presentations and exercises on:
    1. FSA terminology and concepts
    2. Setting up a Farm Management Group
    3. Setting up a Farm Management System
  • FSA verification: presentations and exercises
    1. FSA verification audits
    2. Audit outcomes and follow-up
    3. FSA claims
    4. What is the key point for 3rd-party verification


  • Xinyan Hu, FSA consultant

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