Regen Reflections | From Industry Trend to Systemic Change

23 Jul 2024Online

4pm – 5pm CET

SAI Platform and the Cool Farm Alliance are partnering to deliver an exciting new webinar series, which charts key milestones in the ‘learning journey’ that our communities are embarking on to scale regenerative agriculture.

The Regen Reflections series builds on SAI Platform’s “Climate Conversations” and the Cool Farm Alliance’s “Thought Leadership” webinar series from last year. By joining forces, we aim to combine our expertise, resources, and member reach to deliver a coordinated high impact initiative.

The first session in this webinar series introduces the series, grounds participants in the purpose, vision, and practicality of regenerative agriculture and provides the opportunity for members of each organisation to shape the content of the series. This will serve as a basis for the more technical discussions to come.

In keeping with our organisations’ member and community led nature, we will be joined by two leading voices in the regenerative agriculture sphere, Lucas Urbano, Global Director for Regenerative Agriculture at Unilever and Ethan Soloviev, Chief Innovation Officer at HowGood. We will also hear from a range of diverse and vibrant voices across the sector. Key questions that our speakers and participants will be answering include:

  • What does regenerative agriculture mean in your context and what inspired you to contribute to the regen ag movement?
  • What does regenerative agriculture look like for your organisation in practice?
  • What commitments have organisations made for regenerative agriculture and how do they plan to achieve them?
  • What are the key challenges for sector actors and how can SAI Platform and the CFA ‘unlock’ these?

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar as we kick-off the Regen Reflections series and support you on your journey towards regenerative agriculture!