An improved user-experience goes live on Spotlight

7th December 2021

From today SAI Platform members can access the latest version of Spotlight, the online tool launched in 2018 to drive pre-competitive collaboration and facilitate peer-to-peer engagement. The new developments improve Spotlight’s functionality and enhance the user-experience, resulting in a more personalised, interactive and dynamic tool facilitating members to share knowledge, build relationships and find practical solutions to shared challenges.

In line with SAI Platform’s 2025 strategy to establish sustainable agriculture as a pre-requisite for doing business and the increased global focus on climate, nature and farmer livelihoods, Spotlight is now better equipped to support the initiation of collaborative, on the ground projects at a local level. This is driven by the enhancements to individual user profiles. Users now have the opportunity to input their individual geographical and commodity interests in Spotlight’s interactive database and map, alongside their company’s profile. This encourages more targeted networking and opportunity sharing and facilitates more efficient peer-to-peer collaboration on a local level, supporting diversification across geographies and commodities.

“The Spotlight tool required behind the scenes efforts to identify what and how potential members wanted to engage in areas of common interest. The new upgrades make Spotlight more inclusive, with members able to engage directly with each other, inquire about and get a better feel for any initiative, and possibly have their ideas shape and be shaped by that engagement process. In addition, the improvements to data aggregation can provide valuable insights into member preferences and focus areas.”

Athanasios Mandis, Sustainability Consultant at Innocent Drinks

As a result of improved data validity rules, the enhanced version provides members with up-to-date information regarding their peers’ interests and the latest collaboration opportunities are easily accessible in the Summary Feed Landing Page. For a broader industry perspective, members can use the new Live Dynamic Report to see what topics, commodities or regions are growing in interest among SAI Platform’s membership.

In addition, the new comment function enables users to more easily interact and share knowledge about collaborative opportunities and potential projects. Spotlight will now also send automated notifications so users are kept informed about updates relevant to their individual region and commodity interests. 

Since its launch, Spotlight has enabled SAI Platform members to initiate 20 collaborative projects to address mutual concerns, mitigate risk within supply chains and drive impact. Spotlight also creates opportunities for our members to provide input on international priorities. For instance, when several members came together using Spotlight to discuss the increasing deforestation pressure in the coconut sector, the UN FAO, as a partner member, was able to see anonymised interest in a high priority region and contact SAI Platform to inquire. Connections were then established with those members interested in informing FAO’s agricultural sustainability programme in that particular region. By catalysing key partnerships such as this, Spotlight is helping to accelerate change and avoid duplication of effort.

Log on today and benefit from the opportunity to engage with your peers in a unique, pre-competitive environment. Driving impact at scale requires collaboration and SAI Platform members have already identified over 200 potential opportunities. For more information on Spotlight, please contact Amale Zeggoud, Member Engagement Officer at SAI Platform.