FSA Accelerator: Russia Project successfully accomplishes on-farm sustainability for the sugar-beet industry

1st December 2020

Today’s release of the FSA Accelerator: Russia (SUBERU) case study is an important reminder of how pre-competitive industry collaboration is a key approach towards on-farm sustainability and long-term change.

Building on from the model used in the European Sugar Beet Project, the challenge focused on the use of the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) in the Russian sugar beet industry. In 2018, SAI Platform brought together multiple members and stakeholders representing major sugar beet buyers and suppliers with the aim of addressing the need for an industry-aligned sustainability reference.

In just two years and one growing season, the FSA established a common and mutually beneficial approach to on-farm sustainability between buyers and sellers. The FSA Accelerator now stands as a well-proven and replicable model equipped to open opportunities in other regions and crops with a similar project already up and running in Turkey.

SAI Platform’s case studies provide a guide to the experiences, developments and main lessons learnt from member-driven on the ground projects.