We welcome Ardo Group as a SAI Platform member

5th December 2022

“Joining SAI Platform gives Ardo the opportunity to engage with other proactive agri-food industry businesses, in the development of a common framework for assessing the impact of agricultural activities. Using the same reference points, and collaborating and sharing knowledge and experience, will be essential for developing this framework and for driving the improvement of agricultural practices. SAI Platform provides the ideal structure to facilitate this work.”

Emmanuel Jadin, Agronomy Director, Ardo Group.

Ardo Group is a leading company of fresh-frozen plant-based products. Ardo’s production, packing & distribution sites are located from North to South and from East to West in some of Europe’s most fertile growing regions. The close proximity of their factories to their crops is one of Ardo’s key strengths. Working with 3,500 growers and employing 4,000 people, Ardo sells more than 900,000 tonnes of frozen vegetables, herbs and fruits to more than 100 countries.

The family owned company focuses on optimisation of resources and inputs through its MIMOSA+ Programme (Minimum Impact, Maximum Output Sustainable Agriculture); where new objectives have recently been introduced regarding the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices and adapting to climate change.

To learn more about Ardo Group, visit their website.