Living Wage and Living Income in Agriculture

24 Mar 2020GoToWebinar

3- 4 pm GMT

Living wage and living income is a key topic of interest for many of our members, and a key target for some, related to addressing poverty in our supply chains. There is progress and opportunity being made across the industry and we are delighted we can hold this member-only webinar to hear what is in place from IDH and what is being progressed by one of our members, Mars Inc.

Join Carla Romeu Dalmau from IDH and member of the SAI Platform Advisory Committee to hear about their work on living wage, where they are working with many partners to improve working conditions and close the living wage gap in several supply chains.

Also join Francesca New from Mars Inc. on how Mars is working towards living income in the supply chain and how the Farmer Income Lab is helping build global supply chains that work for farmers and for business.


  • Carla Romeu Dalmau, Living Wage and Living Income Strategy Lead, IDH
  • Francesca New, Global Sustainability Manager, Mars

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