Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit

6 Sep 2022 – 7 Sep 2022Amsterdam, Netherlands

SAI Platform’s Director General, Dionys Forster will be speaking at the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit taking place on 6th and 7th September in Amsterdam.

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The world’s food system is currently responsible for approximately 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Calls are growing ever louder that we must take immediate action to not only halt this impact but reverse it and restore our Earth.

Whether from investors, consumers, or wider stakeholders, the expectation for change is taking hold. Targets are no longer enough. Delivery is essential. Ultimately, combatting climate change will take involvement from the whole food chain and collaboration has never been more important. Transitioning to regenerative agriculture must be implemented now.

The Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit will bring together food and beverage brands, ingredients suppliers, food producers, supply chain monitoring platforms, AgTech companies, and consultants to tackle the challenges and identify the opportunities in harnessing the full potential of regenerative agriculture practices in the food industry. Through peer-to-peer sharing, partnership and collaboration, the Summit will facilitate and accelerate the adoption of regenerative practices and provide key insights to inform corporate strategies, while developing frameworks to measure impact in a clear and transparent way to effectively achieve sustainability goals and transform our food system.

For full agenda and speaker details, visit the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit website.