FSA 3.0 re-benchmarking now finalised

9th June 2023

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The deadline for Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) benchmarked scheme owners to complete their re-benchmarks against FSA 3.0 closed as of April 30, 2023.

SAI Platform would like to extend its thanks to all scheme owners who engaged in the process, and by doing so, committed to maintaining their equivalence against FSA 3.0.

Of the 71 operational schemes that were benchmarked against FSA 2.1, 42 have maintained their equivalence against FSA 3.0 thus far. This demonstrates the FSA’s continued relevance as the global reference framework for on-farm sustainability.

SAI Platform also extends its thanks and appreciation to its members, FSA users and approved Benchmarking Consultants, who together helped drive the re-benchmarking effort since the launch of FSA 3.0 in April 2021.

Which schemes have and have not maintained their equivalence against the FSA?

You can download the latest version of the FSA Benchmarking Results here.

A small number of schemes have committed to re-benchmarking but have not finalised their re-benchmarks. This means that their equivalence is currently unavailable. These are: Canada GAP, AVEBE, and Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C). We expect these benchmarks to be finalised presently.

What happens if I am using a scheme that has lost its equivalence?

If your company is using one of the affected schemes, you can no longer use it to claim equivalence against the FSA. You can either implement the FSA directly or implement one of the schemes that have maintained its benchmarked status against the FSA.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the FSA Team using