We welcome FGF Trapani as a SAI Platform member

14th May 2021

“For FGF Trapani, sustainability is the base of the business, therefore all its potential growth is planned prioritising the optimisation of natural resources, the preservation of biodiversity and the generation of products that respect the environment. Our sustainability actions aim to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families, promote equal opportunities, encourage the technological-productive development supporting the research entities, promoting the well-being of all our groups of influence. We are committed to the eradication of child labor; we promote gender equality and respect for the indigenous people. We work to promote the health and wellbeing and healthy eating for our employees.”

Ana Dominguez, Head of Sustainability Actions, FGF Trapani

FGF Trapani is a family business founded in 1937, with more than 80 years dedicated to the production of citrus being its main products fresh lemon and its industrial derivatives such as essential oils, juices, and dehydrated peel. 

FGF Trapani’s farms are located in the northwest of Argentina, on fertile lands with unique agro-ecological conditions, where they produce in a sustainable and responsible way, high-quality citrus fruits.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and the commitment of their collaborators, FGF Trapani has positioned itself as one of the main citrus suppliers in the southern hemisphere.

To learn more about sustainability at FGF Trapani: