We welcome Sono Global Group as a SAI Platform member

27th September 2021

“We are very pleased to join SAI Platform and to become part of a larger collaborative organisation, sharing our vision and mission of propelling sustainable operation, leadership and mindfulness with an entire global industry.”

Frank Runge, Owner, Sono Global Group

Sono Global Group are the three main subsidiaries of Picama Group: Pinora (Ghana), Sono Brazil (Brazil) and Sono BV (Rotterdam). Founded in 2010, Picama Group is a fully integrated fruit processing and supply business with its own sourcing, production, supply chain management and sales businesses all around the world.

The group is committed to reduce the ‘end to end’ carbon footprint of its products. Furthermore, it uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework as a guideline for countries it operates in, on areas such as gender equality or clean water and sanitation.

By working closely with their supply partners and farmers, Picama Group through its subsidiaries help them produce in ways that benefit their businesses, communities, and the environment. One way this is achieved, is through recyclable and re-usable packaging which helps improve energy efficiency, minimizes use of natural resources and reduces waste.

To learn more about Picama Group’s subsidiaries, Sono Global Group: