SAI Platform’s projects: how we are achieving impact (part 2)

18 Jun 2020GoToWebinar

10 am EST – 4 pm CET

Join us for an update on SAI Platform’s projects in action.

Exclusively for SAI Platform members, this two-part webinar series will showcase the impact that SAI Platform projects are driving today.

Members will have the opportunity to learn and understand the reach and outcome generated through collaborative projects.

Currently, SAI Platform is involved in an extensive range of projects. These incorporate various approaches including boots on-the-ground, trials and analysis. Keys topics range from water management, regenerative agriculture, migrant labour rights, and climate action, to farming efficiency, FSA acceleration, opportunity identification and wild harvest.

This second webinar will cover the following projects:

Introduced by Rebecca Larson, Western Sugar Cooperative and Kevin Ogorzalek, Barry Callebaut.


  • Nick Betts, Director, Americas, SAI Platform
  • Leah Blechschmidt, Project Manager, SAI Platform
  • Jenny Edwards, Director, Crops, SAI Platform
  • Yael Fattal, Global Event Manager, SAI Platform

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