Landscape Approach: Engaging Farmers on Continuous Improvement

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Using a landscape approach to demonstrate economic profitability of sustainability practices on-farm.

2019 – 2021
Canada, US
Barley, Canola, Oats, Potato, and others
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The challenge

Farmers and agricultural-sourcing companies continue to struggle with duplication and misalignment when trying to communicate and demonstrate sustainability on the farm as a whole.

With the vast majority of farms in Canada and the United States rotating multiple crops, this project aims to help reduce that duplicity by demonstrating how industry can use a harmonized approach and measurement to benchmark sustainability of farmers who are growing the same crops in rotation, within a given region.


  • Align sustainability goals/targets across field crop rotation commodities;
  • Demonstrate value of sustainability and enhanced crop management practices to farmers in a region;
  • Develop a farmer/advisor group to focus on specific enhancements that benefit farms supplying our members.