SAI Platform introduces Regenerative Agriculture Framework to align agricultural value chain

21st September 2021

SAI Platform announces a pre-release of its latest industry tool the Regenerative Agriculture Framework ‘version 0’.  As a work in progress, this release signals SAI Platform’s firm commitment to harmonising regenerative agriculture across supply chains and avoiding unwanted divergence in the industry. 

SAI Platform’s Regenerative Agriculture Framework ‘version 0’ represents the considerable work done by members and partners in building consensus and a common direction on a highly complex philosophy and approach to agriculture. It is also a demonstrable symbol to member companies of the direction that SAI Platform is looking to engage the industry.

For SAI Platform members, regenerative agriculture is hugely important. As Andrew Utterback from Ingredion comments: “We see regenerative agriculture as a path forward to better resilience in our supply chain, better productivity in a changing climate for our grower partners, and a way to address pressing issues such as GHG emissions and water scarcity.”

The framework approaches regenerative agriculture from a threefold lens: engaging farmers and supporting them as they increase the regenerative capacity of their farms; an aligned industry approach and market expectations to regenerative agriculture and demonstrating regenerative impacts on-farm and/or across a landscape/region. 

“As SAI Platform advances with the Regenerative Agriculture Framework, priority will be on developing an inclusive, whole-farm programme, with governance oversight and complete integration with already existing SAI Platform industry tools and programmes such as the ERBS, FSA, SDP and Spotlight.” explained SAI Platform’s Regenerative Agriculture Director, who has facilitated the development to-date.

The importance of a collaborative and coherent approach is key to the 35+ member companies representing all aspects of agriculture that have come together to determine SAI Platform’s role in the regenerative agriculture conversation. As Kate Schaffner, Kelloggs explains: “SAI Platform’s shared principles for regenerative agriculture will help bring consistency to our industry as regenerative agriculture continues to take root and take new shape.”

SAI Platform Members are invited to go to the Knowledge Base in the Members’ Zone and share the framework internally and respond with constructive feedback. For those who do not yet have access to the Members’ Zone, go to My SAI Platform to create your account.

For more information on the Regenerative Agriculture Framework and how to get involved, contact Lexi Clark at