Farm Sustainability Assessment

Show you are committed to promoting reliable, sustainable food production now and for the future.

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Improve your insight into agricultural value chains.

Farmers prove they belong to an industry-leading sustainable agriculture programme. And existing scheme or toolkit stakeholders have a single environment in which to promote themselves and evaluate their place in sustainable agriculture.

Join your peers already benefitting the enormous value in working to a common industry approach.

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What is FSA

A comprehensive approach to
farm sustainability built around a free set of simple questions which standardise farm assessment.

It is also a web-app only available to SAI Platform members. FSA is a gateway to the right partners, tools and skills to accelerate sustainable agriculture simply and effectively.

How it works

Customise FSA to suit your
specific needs, without losing
any integrity.

Questions cover sustainable farming practices. Answers can be verified by a farmer, farm group/aggregator or, optionally, by an independent third party.

The questions are identical wherever a farmer is in the world and the same principle is applied to all product categories meaning FSA is trusted to be consistent, transparent and fair.

The FSA supports the use of all credible standards and schemes. If you are using another sustainable farming framework, you can have it benchmarked against the FSA.

The Benefits

Whether it is used by mango farmers in India or wheat farmers in Canada, FSA is trusted to be consistent, transparent and fair.

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Food and drink industry

  • Your peers are probably using FSA.
  • Confidence your farm base is continuously increasing its sustainable production levels through independent, optional verification.
  • Understand the challenges your farm base faces and improve together.
  • A standardised approach creates momentum with suppliers and providers.
  • Contribute to a more sustainable food sector and a better perception of the industry among consumers.
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  • Simply set up and organise a farm management group committed to sustainability.
  • Tap into an unbeatable source of knowledge and a global support network.
  • A single programme to meet all your customer requirements.
  • Understand your sustainability priorities and share your needs and challenges with your customers.
  • Advertise your sustainability credentials, strengthen existing relationships and reach new markets.
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Sustainability scheme and toolkit owners

  • Clearly demonstrate how your scheme measures up against an internationally agreed industry standard.
  • Add additional verification options to your existing assessment scheme.
  • Advertise your scheme to FSA users and achieve FSA equivalence.
  • Achieve international recognition for your scheme.
  • Avoid the need for future benchmarking exercises.
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FSA Web App

Only SAI Platform members unlock the full potential of FSA.

When you become a SAI Platform member you are able to use the FSA web-app to collect, analyse and share information about putting best practices into action for yourself. You also have access to extensive resources for guidance and the opportunity to attend industry-leading events at a discount.

Because the web-app enables you to bring suppliers on board, standardise processes and add value, you are able to strengthen your professional community.