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Helping members understand the challenges faced across the supply chain first-hand.

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Learning Journeys

We believe the best way for members to understand the challenges faced by specific areas of the supply chain is to see for themselves.

As a SAI Platform member, you have the opportunity to take learning journeys to different countries and see sustainable agriculture in action. We visit small farms, large farming systems and enterprises and bring critical issues to attention.

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International Executive Programme

An exciting interactive training and learning opportunity to gain practical advice on sustainable sourcing and address everyday issues that arise.

Our International Executive Programme is open to anyone interested in the sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials. It helps members and sustainability professionals develop realistic and practical approaches to meeting companies’ sustainable sourcing targets for agricultural raw materials.

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We offer a wide range of comprehensive, practical webinars to help food and drink companies implement sustainability throughout their supply chains.

With between 15 and 20 a year, our webinars introduce members to the work of SAI Platform and also provide guidance on how to use FSA and Spotlight. Some are offered only for our members and others are open to all.

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SAI Platform Annual Event

A global gathering and networking event attended by stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. Delegates include everyone from CEOs to senior executives for sustainability and responsible sourcing, entrepreneurs and representatives from the public sector and civil society.

We come together to explore emerging trends and discuss innovative solutions to shared sustainability challenges.