Our Value

SAI Platform focuses on making a difference from the ground upwards, from the smallest farm to the largest multinational.

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Why SAI Platform

We connect stakeholders, catalyse change and build solutions through collaboration.

Since 2002, we have evolved from defining sustainable agriculture to identifying the principles and practices that enable it to grow and creating the tools that make this happen.

Today, we are in a new era of piloting pioneering, innovative projects at ground level that put our principles into practice. No other organisation offers you a better opportunity to help grow sustainable agriculture and offer empowerment from the farm to the consumer.

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Our Commitment

SAI Platform is committed to helping to create a future where people, the planet and sustainable business solutions come together to ensure a viable and resilient agricultural sector.

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Benefits of joining

As a member of SAI Platform, you network with the companies and individuals leading the way in sustainable agriculture.

You are able to discuss common issues, learn by sharing and collaborate on overcoming challenges in a pre-competitive environment.

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A pre-competitive environment

Work with other members to turn ideas into reality, avoiding duplication and maximising potential.

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Learning by sharing

Enjoy a space to demonstrate leadership, share your internal challenges sector-wide and collaborate in finding solutions.

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Find out what your peers and other stakeholders are doing to operate more sustainably.

How we do this

SAI Platform is a unique pre-competitive forum for discussion, action and solution finding between peers.

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Working group

European Roundtable
for Beef Sustainability

Bringing stakeholders together to accelerate the sustainability of beef production.

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Tools & Apps

SAI Platform develops practical tools to help you see the bigger picture and make change on the ground.

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Farm Sustainability Assessment

Our contribution to scaling and accelerating a sustainable agriculture that feeds the world, protects the planet and improves farming lives.

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Sustainable Dairy Partnership

The perfect example of industry collaboration working together and reinforcing the need for the continuous improvement of sustainability in the dairy sector.

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An innovative online data tool enabling members to share knowledge, build relationships, address shared challenges and find practical solutions, all whilst helping to drive collaboration.

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Nigel Davies
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“SAI Platform has enabled cooperation between supply chain partners and has helped us not only benchmark and shape our own sustainability strategy, but also achieve commercial advantage”

Nigel Davies Manufacturing and Sustainability Director, Muntons
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Chairman Emeritus, Nestlé S.A. quote picture

“The strong growth of SAI Platform mirrors its relevance to members but also the constructive response to societal and consumer demand for sustainable agriculture and responsible sourcing.”

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe Chairman Emeritus, Nestlé S.A.
Ghislain Pelletier
Vice President of Agronomy, McCain Foods quote picture

“SAI Platform members have the opportunity to share ideas and best practices on how to be effective as change agents, while also looking together into the future at what might be coming up so we’re better prepared.”

Ghislain Pelletier Vice President of Agronomy, McCain Foods

Join SAI Platform

Join these global leaders committed to helping grow sustainable agriculture now and for the future.

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