Programmes & Tools

Industry co-created programmes and tools that help you see the bigger picture and make change on the ground.

SAI Platforms works with the food and drink industry to create sector-wide approaches to common challenges.

We recognise the value of industry alignment and a common approach to sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. That is why our industry-leading solutions enable users to learn, capture and demonstrate their sustainability progress. Through pre-competitive collaboration our members and partners have built credible and globally recognised tools and programmes for crops and livestock, that deliver measurable impacts, monitor continuous improvements and address the key issues of climate, nature, farmer livelihoods and animal welfare.

European Roundtable on Beef Sustainability picture Icon illustration

European Roundtable on Beef Sustainability

A multi-stakeholder organisation focused on European beef sustainability from farm to fork.

The ERBS unites and coordinates sustainability programmes around a common agenda to deliver measurable and positive impact within the beef value chain. We are aligned to the principles of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and other major international bodies.

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Farm Sustainability Assessment picture Icon illustration

Farm Sustainability Assessment

An industry wide movement of companies growing a better planet.

The Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) enables food and drink businesses to assess, improve, and validate on-farm sustainability in their supply chains. Built around a simple set of questions to farmers, the FSA standardises farm assessment.

Relevant for all cultivated agricultural crops in all locations, regardless of farm size the FSA can be easily customised to fit individual needs and local conditions while aligning with global market expectations.

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SAI Platform's Regenerating Together Programme

Leading and driving resilient systems, scalability and positive outcomes in all forms of crop and livestock agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture is a dynamic and holistic practice that uses techniques that regenerate and revitalise the soil and environment. Founded on globally applicable principles of regenerative agriculture, we are building a programme that can guide, measure and enable essential regenerative agriculture outcomes and overcome the challenges farmers face to implement and scale solutions.

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Sustainable Dairy Platform picture Icon illustration

Sustainable Dairy Platform

Industry collaboration for the continuous improvement of sustainability in the dairy sector.

The Sustainable Dairy Partnership provides a consistent global approach to dairy sustainability in commercial relationships between dairy buyers and processors. The burden of buyer-specific programmes and audits is reduced, restoring focus on what really matters: continuous improvement on dairy farms.

Join your peers in improving dairy sustainability through an industry-wide approach.

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Connecting members and stakeholders online.

Spotlight helps drive pre-competitive collaboration, empowering members to put sustainable practices in place that are locally relevant and globally significant. Users include, for example, local procurement officers for multinational food and drink companies.

At present, Spotlight has around 200 opportunities for collaboration around the world, ranging from gender issues in Pakistan to water in the USA.

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The Wild Harvest Sustainability Assessment picture Icon illustration

The Wild Harvest Sustainability Assessment

Bringing transparency and verifiability to wild harvesting operations.

SAI Platform’s Wild Harvest Sustainability Assessment (WHSA) provides an industry aligned reference for wild harvesting supply chains and their social, economic, and environmental risks and challenges for sustainable production.

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