Regional Initiatives

Global in reach, local in focus

SAI Platform applies the principles of
pre-competitive collaboration to the
issues and challenges of certain regions

We help local stakeholders apply sustainable agriculture best practices
throughout their value chain in the region and encourage these to
become global.

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Our Australia Chapter

Established in 2007, our Australian Chapter works independently of SAI Platform but shares similar goals and objectives.

The Australian Chapter’s focus is on:

  • Sustainable agriculture learning
  • Enhancing agricultural sustainability practices
  • Supporting members’ projects
  • Connecting with stakeholders and collaborating on members’ behalf
  • Communicating to the public.

We hold regular general meetings, conferences and forums and organise Learning Journeys. Our members have created and managed projects that focus on key sustainability areas including water footprinting and promoting consumer understanding of sustainable agriculture.

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The Brazil Committee

Our Brazil Committee is the result of SAI Platform members with ambitious goals coming together to engage and work together pre-competitively.

As the only cross-commodity sustainable agriculture project in Brazil, we address local sustainability challenges and share knowledge and best practices among Brazilian food and drink companies.

The Brazil Steering Committee is made up of our members and facilitated by Giovana Baggio, SAI Platform Advisory Council member and Sustainable Agriculture Manager at The Nature Conservancy Brazil (TNC). It provides members with the necessary support and guidance via meetings, workshops and training events.

Leading objectives for the Committee are focusing on the adoption of the FSA in a local context as well as identifying issues for collaborative projects in the region.

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The China Initiative

After our 2017 conference in Beijing, we recognised the need to establish a presence in China, a significant market for many SAI Platform members and a key region in which to develop and implement sustainability measures.

Our pre-competitive collaboration model is now in place. We are identifying common sustainability related challenges that members face in China and helping them and other stakeholders work collaboratively to find solutions.

Today, we are developing stakeholder engagement and raising awareness of SAI Platform with a range of organisations including local agri-food companies, industry associations and government officials.

We welcome all members with business interests or the intention to operate in the Chinese market to be part of this important initiative.

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