The ERBS is shaping the future of beef sustainability 

26th September 2022

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The ERBS champions sector alignment with a localised approach to accommodate diverse production systems.

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The European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) will present on the importance of balancing European-aligned goals with a localised approach at the Global Conference on Sustainable Beef in Denver, Colorado between 7th and 10th November 2022. Hosted by the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef (GRSB), the conference is bringing together global stakeholders invested in beef sustainability under the theme – “Reaching new heights: Achieving global goals.” 

Rozanne Davis, ERBS Director at SAI Platform, will introduce stakeholders to the recently launched ERBS Platform Progress Framework at the conference. Platforms have been set up in six of the largest beef producing countries in Europe and the ERBS has been successful in aligning all six Platforms behind a common set of outcome targets. Importantly, to accommodate the diversity of production systems across the continent, there is flexibility for each Platform to develop its own approach in a locally relevant way. This flexibility has resulted in the ERBS engaging over 200,000 European farmers across France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the UK on key sustainability priorities. 

The ERBS Platform Progress Framework takes each Platform through six key sustainability stages, enabling recognition of national and local programmes, avoiding duplication of effort and maximising on the great work that is already underway in each country. It enables Platforms to transparently support, track and communicate progress on their individual journeys towards achieving the aligned outcome targets. 

ERBS Platform Progress Framework

“Building on the previous framework of three stages, this new six stage framework allows for adaptation to the local context in each country while delivering continuous improvement and measurable and positive impact across the region. The new Framework demonstrates the complexity of the work that needs to be tackled to achieve our ambitious targets”

Rozanne Davis, ERBS Director, SAI Platform.  

The ERBS provides a cohesive and strategic response to the many challenges facing the beef sector across Europe. As the beef sector continues its sustainability journey, 70 projects and initiatives active on the ground reflect the commitment of the ERBS mission to deliver and demonstrate measurable and credible progress in the areas of animal welfare, animal medicine, environment, and farm management.  

The ERBS’ success in uniting multiple stakeholders across Europe’s beef value chain in working towards measurable progress and the same agreed outcome targets is a valuable point of reference. This is in line with the GRSB’s strategy as it presents its global goals regarding climate, animal health & welfare and nature positive production practices and seeks to achieve global alignment on the path to future progress. 

The work driven by the Platforms in the ERBS is part of a global movement on beef sustainability, through its alignment with the GRSB and the ERBS hopes it can inspire others to seek this balance of alignment at a sector level on outcome targets, whilst enabling delivery on a localised level. 

To find out more about the ERBS, visit our webpage. If you are interested in getting involved in shaping the future of beef sustainability in Europe, please contact Rozanne Davis, ERBS Director at SAI Platform.