We welcome Importaco as a new SAI Platform member

29th June 2020

“We are proud to become a member of SAI Platform and to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture. By joining SAI Platform we aim to strengthen the implementation of sustainable practices including efficiency of production, food safety and quality, protection of the environment and development of local communities.”

Lucia Donnini, IFS Farm Integration Director, Importaco

Importaco is an international food company, which provides a wide range of products and services from its three businesses: dried fruit, dried nuts, and mineral water. As a leader in the manufacturing, production and distribution of nuts, dehydrated fruit, snacks and chocolate-coated nuts sector, Importaco was founded in 1940 starting with a single production and distribution centre in Beniparrell, Valencia, Spain. Currently, Importaco has a total of 38 work centers in 7 different countries, a fact that establishes Importaco as one of the main food and drinks companies of Spain.

The company has a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture through a global programme present in Europe, Asia and South America. The pillars of its programme are to ensure food safety and quality, protection of the environment and social development. This programme involves more than 300 farmers and, in 2019, there were 51.900 tones of nuts cultivated according to sustainable standards. One of the most important projects is the integration of the Spanish almond, as a result of this project Importaco has achieved improvements in traceability and the reduction of bitter almonds.

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