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The Crops Working Group

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The Crops Working Group is made up of 90 companies that range from farmer cooperatives to retailers and members of the entire crops supply chain.

Our members can be small, niche companies or large multinationals, with a range of experience in sustainable agriculture.

We bring stakeholders together in a pre-competitive environment to establish common ground, encourage mutually beneficial activities and accelerate the delivery of sustainability on the ground.

This is done via projects, solutions development, in workshops and on field trips that offer an informal setting for members to have an equal voice in the conversation. These provide members with the opportunity to see the bigger picture, collaborate with innovators and drive change.

Key projects to date include the Doñana Berry Project in Spain, SAIRISI a rice project in Italy and the European Sugar Beet Project, which was so successful it has been extended to Russia. We aim to lead projects in such a way that they snowball, initiating other projects that can be rolled out within the sector or different parts of the world.

We are always looking for new collaboration opportunities to drive change towards sustainable agricultural practices. New projects, events and partnerships are identified in Spotlight and initiated throughout the year.

Working Groups & Committees

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