Biodiversity in the Americas: Best Practices & Lessons Learnt

22 Sep 2020GoToWebinar

11 am EST – 5 pm CET

In this webinar, our members will share best practices and actions they have taken to promote biodiversity in on farm. This builds off of the good work we are doing in our Regenerative Agriculture Project and further mobilises knowledge and benefits other regions and supply chains.

We will be sharing examples from across the Americas, from pollinators in California almond orchards to wetland construction in Ontario grain farms, to afforestation in Chilean cranberry bogs.


  • Mike Buttenham, Sustainability & Environment Coordinator, Grains Farmers of Ontario
  • Gabrielle Ludwig, Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs, Almond Board of California
  • Emily O’Halloran, Senior Analyst, Global Impact & Sustainability, Ocean Spray

Moderated by Nick Betts, SAI Platform.

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