SAI Platform’s Annual Event 2024

25 Jun 2024 – 28 Jun 2024Durban, South Africa

Building climate change resilience through regenerative agriculture.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s member-only SAI Platform Annual Event will take place between 25th and 28th June in Durban, South Africa. 

South Africa is an example of a country as vast and diverse in its climates, landscapes, and cultures as it is in its agricultural potential and the variety of crops and livestock it produces.

This year’s theme: Building climate change resilience through regenerative agriculture invites SAI Platform members to develop a broader understanding of this region and consider the commonalities, challenges and opportunities of agriculture across the wider African continent and southern hemisphere.

Through the approach of a holistic landscape perspective, SAI Platform’s Annual Event 2024 will address the significant changes that are underway to build climate change resilience in South Africa and how these pivotal learning points can be applied to other geographies, supply chains and SAI Platform’s activities and industry solutions.

Over four days, members will visit farms, talk to farmers and experts who are part of an ongoing effort to implement sustainable and resilient agriculture practices that contribute to food security as well as economic and social development across South African supply chains.

Now more than ever it is critical to ensure you have a seat at the table with leading companies who are collectively tackling the major environmental, financial and social obstacles facing agricultural supply chains and rural communities around the world.

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