Regenerative Agriculture Programme

Providing a global framework for regenerative agriculture

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Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Driving positive change for a sustainable, thriving and more resilient agriculture sector.

Regenerative agriculture can improve farmer livelihoods, adapt to climate change, enhance resilient eco-systems, and enable companies to achieve environmental, social, and corporate governance goals.

The long-term resilience of agriculture now depends on how quickly we can develop regenerative practices that benefit soil health, biodiversity, water supply, climate resilience and livelihoods.

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Why the Regenerative Agricuture Programme?

To meet the urgent need for an industry aligned approach to demonstrate regenerative outcomes on farms.

Starting in 2024, the Regenerative Agriculture Programme will offer flexibility of application to fit the diversity of farms globally, while enabling value chains to communicate and report on regenerative outcomes through existing systems.

What the programme will enable

A single, trusted and cost-effective way to apply regenerative agriculture principles worldwide, supporting farmers and protecting nature.

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Outcomes that result in measurable regeneration.

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Actionable metrics through the value chain.

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Global measurement tools, standards and schemes.

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Farm-specific action with case studies and best practices.

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Farmers with a flexible way to scale regeneration.

About the programme

Leading and driving resilient systems, scalability and positive outcomes in all forms of crop and livestock agriculture.

Wherever it is implemented, the Regenerative Agriculture Programme can guide, measure and enable essential regenerative agriculture outcomes and help farmers overcome the challenges they face to implement and scale solutions.

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  • Defining what regenerative agriculture means for our industry.
  • Engaging farmers to find attainable solutions: thinking globally, acting locally.
  • Providing guidance for all agricultural sectors and production systems.
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  • Creating common tools to enable farmers to measure and improve regenerative capacity.
  • Delivering valuable, credible, and consistent reporting and benchmarking.
  • Providing guidance, support and tools for farmers scaling implementation.
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  • A member-driven collaboration built inclusively with our industry partners.
  • Integrated and aligned with existing SAI Platform tools, company and industry schemes.
  • A practical way to partner with farmers for regenerative outcomes.


Working together with members across industry, around the world to enable outcomes in 2023.

As we build alignment, minimise duplication, amplify collaboration and support implementation, partners such as One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B) make sure we are accountable and credible. Our partners also include special advisors from NGOs and the research community.

Our development is evolving based on an inclusive industry wide consultation and includes the following:

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Founding members

Committed to guide and lead the development and create a blueprint for implementing and validation in other crops (FSA) and livestock (ERBS, SDP) markets.

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Special advisors

Ensure we are held accountable to preserve the credibility and integrity of the programme.

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Partners and Industry Allies

Localised SMEs, tool providers and collaborative organisations that build alignment, minimise duplication and support implementation.

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“As we develop and define new regenerative agriculture approaches, it is the farmer’s inherent knowledge of the land, its constraints and opportunities, that is critical to ensuring successful social and environmental outcomes based on solid economic foundations.”

Martina Henry, Director, Agriculture Sustainability, Kraft Heinz Company.

Get involved

You are part of the solution.

There are many ways you can help us build the Programme:

Leading the way to regenerative agriculture

SAI Platform members are committed to leading an industry-wide push to improve the regenerative capacity of farms around the world.

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