A Water Solution for Spanish Strawberry Farmers – See this Video Showing Sustainable Water Management in Practice

5th January 2016

Spain is a leading producer of fresh strawberries in Europe. About 95% of these strawberries are produced in the Huelva region in southern Spain – close to one of the world’s most valued wetlands, Doñana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strawberries do not only provide an important source of income for farmers in the region, they are also a thirsty crop. There is an increasing awareness in the region that efficient use of water is of great importance. Several farmers have done trials and are finding that considerable reductions in water use can be achieved without compromising on quality and yield. See the video to learn more about sustainable  water management practices in strawberry production in the region, and hear from farmers how they benefit from this.

This video was developed by Innocent with the support of SVZ, the University of Cordoba, and the Coca-Cola Foundation. The video is in Spanish and has English subtitles. 

SAI Platform coordinates a multi-stakeholder project – for more information see the page of the ‘Doñana Strawberry and Sustainable Water Management project.