Annual Report 2021 – Transformation through collaboration

19th May 2022

SAI Platform’s Annual Report 2021 is now online. The report reviews operations and performance while reflecting on the importance of industry collaboration as we strive to transform to more sustainable agricultural practices.

With the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of resilient supply chains and a greater sense of urgency globally regarding climate change, biodiversity loss and farmer livelihoods, sustainability has become a license to operate for food and drink companies.

This momentum led to considerable membership growth throughout 2021, enabling SAI Platform to become a globally recognised and credible industry voice in the field of sustainable agriculture. By facilitating collaborative action among members and building sector wide, practical solutions to common challenges, SAI Platform is well positioned to lead the transformation to a more sustainable food system.

“The need to transform our food system is now more urgent than ever before. The race is

on but as a united industry working in

collaboration, we can make the difference.” 

Robert Erhard, President, SAI Platform

The 2021 annual report focuses on our 2025 strategy with inspiring words from our President, Robert Erhard and Senior Director of Operations, Jane Duncan. Close up interviews with working group chairs, Brian Nash and Martina Henry (Crops Working Group), Klaas Jan van Calker and Aurelie Letortue (Dairy Working Group) and Jennifer Bowe and Kevin Ogarzalek (Americas Working Group) highlight the value of collaborative action when facing the food and drink sector’s multiple challenges.

Feature interviews with industry solution chairs, Ivor Drabaek (FSA), Hansel New (SDP), Claire Donoghue and Nigel Edwards (ERBS) review ongoing developments within each of our globally recognised programmes and tools. Key highlights include the launch of FSA 3.0, the SDP Reporting hub, the Beef Recognition Framework as well as the announcement of SAI Platform’s latest collaborative initiative to align the food and drink industry on regenerative agriculture practices, improvements and reporting.

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of SAI Platform and we are celebrating this significant milestone with the concept, People Powered Agriculture. Throughout the 2021 annual report, you will find insightful conversations with leading industry experts and sustainability professionals as well as previous SAI Platform presidents’ Hans Johr and Jan Kees Vis who reflect on SAI Platform’s legacy and the growing relevance and drive for sustainable agriculture as we look to the future.