Call for submissions for the FSA Growing A Better Planet Award 

13th February 2023

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Celebrating leadership and innovation in efforts to continuously improve on-farm sustainability

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SAI Platform is pleased to announce the launch of the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Growing A Better Planet Award.  

The FSA is a globally recognised and trusted industry solution for facilitating supply chain collaboration and enabling farm groups worldwide to assess, improve and communicate on sustainability performance. With this in mind, the FSA Growing A Better Planet Award will celebrate the farmers, individuals and organisations demonstrating leadership and innovation in their efforts to continuously improve on-farm sustainability.

SAI Platform’s FSA team are calling for examples of initiatives that demonstrate leadership in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Are you or do you know of a group of stakeholders using the FSA to accelerate the transition to sustainable and regenerative agriculture? If so, please enter the first ever FSA Growing a Better Planet Award! In a 3-minute video, that can be shot on a smart phone, tell us about the initiative, the objectives and how different stakeholders have collaborated to achieve practical impact on the ground. 

A shortlist of the entrants and their application videos will be shared on the SAI Platform website and social channels. The 2023 judging panel consists of Iver Drabaek, Head of Sustainability at Nordzucker and FSA Steering Committee Chair, Dionys Foster, SAI Platform Director General and Robyn Cooper, SAI Platform Crops Manager. They will decide on this year’s winner, which will be announced at the FSA Community of Practice Event, due to be held in Rome between 19th and 21st April. The judges will take into consideration the objectives and implementation of the project or programme, how groups of people and organisations have come together to achieve it and the impact it is having on-farm social, environmental and business performance.  

In your video, please tell us who you are and the farmers that you work with, where this initiative is being implemented and the impact it is having locally. It is an opportunity to celebrate your achievements and communicate to the wider SAI Platform community about what you hope to achieve in the future.  

To enter your project or programme for the first edition of the FSA Growing A Better Planet award, please complete this form and share your video before close of business on Friday 7th April 2023.