COVID-19: SAI Platform launches FSA remote training course

22nd April 2020

The coronavirus lockdown continues for the foreseeable future with social distancing and travel restrictions having a significant impact on agricultural supply chain operations. As part of a response to this pandemic, SAI Platform has created an online Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) training course exclusively for members. This flexible and self-paced training course is an opportunity for grounded staff and suppliers to learn new skill sets and gain invaluable knowledge for when working with the FSA.  

The FSA remote training course is built upon 10 modules, that allow users to select the content most relevant to their business. Learning is done via videos, presentation decks as well as activity group exercises. The course comes with a workbook full of practical exercises that participants can do at their own pace. Each module has learning materials that have been tried and tested in FSA training events around the world and have been adapted for online learning.

While it is possible to do this course on your own, a more interactive learning experience is encouraged within a group setting via a chat-based collaboration platform. Experience shows that this engages participants more by stimulating peer-to-peer learning and creating a shared understanding of how to use the FSA within a team. The course comes with a clear instruction guide for Internal Trainers, who can lead the in-house course.

“As we manage through the immediate impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we realize that building sustainable supply chains still remains important if we want to come out of this stronger.” commented Ulrike Sapiro, Senior Director, Water Stewardship & Agriculture, The Coca-Cola Company. 

“The FSA remote training course is a great offering by SAI Platform to its members looking for a meaningful way to upskill during the ‘grounding period’ and to build knowledge on the purpose and workings of the Farm Sustainability Assessment.

“I really appreciate the fast and flexible response of SAI Platform to this need.” 

An instruction webinar on how to use the FSA Remote Course will be given to members on May 12, 2020 at 16.00 CET.

Internal Trainers are welcome to contact the FSA Helpdesk in case of any questions.