Developing greater sustainability in the European beef sector

29th June 2020

On the 19th May, the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) held its first online General Assembly. Members from across Europe’s beef value chain came together to review actions and achievements since the launch of the ERBS in October 2018. Discussions also focused on the development of Platforms and increasing membership.

Over the last two-years the ERBS identified eight outcome targets and established six Platforms at country level. Currently, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland and the UK have Platforms set up where participants from across the beef supply chain gather to work together towards sustainable beef production while using the outcome targets set by the ERBS. Building upon this, the ERBS will use the outcome measures to demonstrate continuous improvement and to develop greater sustainability in the beef sector.

Guest speaker Caroline Guinot from Interbev provided insights into how the PACTE French beef sustainability initiative is supporting the structure of the ERBS recognised Platform in France. By inspiring ERBS members with the work they are doing, PACTE brings a collective approach that gives clarity in direction and communication. Stakeholder consultation and involvement is key along with thorough research and development to implement best practices. PACTE is a leading Platform example that is framed against the ISO 26000 methods and uses the ERBS targets and indicators across four priority issues: environment; animal welfare, protection and health; fair pay as well as good quality and healthy sustainable food.

A key focus in this year’s General Assembly was the presentation of the ERBS development programme for 2020. Objectives for 2020 include establishing a verification scheme for the Beef Recognition Framework, an active communication plan and increasing membership numbers across all five constituencies that include: processors, retailers, allied industries, producers (or associations) and civil society.

The importance between the ERBS and the Global Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (GRSB) was also discussed. Collaboration with the GRSB enables the ERBS to have input and insight at global level on beef value chain sustainability. The ERBS is represented in the global goals committee, board of directors meeting and national roundtables discussions.

Join Us

There are currently twenty active members in the ERBS, representing three constituencies out of five: processors, retailers, and allied industries. We are looking for new members who are producers (or associations) and representatives of civil society. Contact Bulle Pouzoulet, ERBS Manager for more information.