Doñana Group Joint Statement on WWF campaign to save Doñana

15th September 2016

The Doñana Berries and Sustainable Water Management Group supports WWF’s campaign 2016 “Together, saving our shared heritage: Doñana” and welcomes the initiative as a means of reinforcing the work that it has been undertaking for over two years.

The group consists of a consortium of retailers, food companies and processing companies who buy over 20% of berries produced in Doñana. WWF is very valued supporter of the group.   

As highlighted by WWF in the new campaign, there are several areas of concern regarding water management and nature preservation in the Doñana region (habitat, biodiversity, soil), and we support all the stakeholders who are taking action to address the various concerns. We believe that without addressing the situation now, continued pressure might ultimately lead to severe environmental degradation of the ecosystem and in particular the Doñana National Park. 

With regard to farming, the growth of berry production in the region has created numerous jobs and generated considerable socio-economic value, but it has also put strain on water resources. In order to protect water resources while sustaining berry production, employment and farmers’ livelihoods in the region, urgent work is needed to improve and implement water and environmental governance – including the Land Use Plan (Plan de Ordenación de la Corona Forestal Doñana) issued by the Government of Andalucía – and to adopt sustainable and efficient water management practices.

As a group, we are committed to achieving sustainable management of water resources by working with key players to develop concrete and efficient solutions. The group has been working for over two years now on several axes relating to sustainable water management: advocacy, industry alignment and farmer partnership. In particular, our group has been developing an ambitious Water Efficiency Training Programme for farmers, which we are going to launch before the end of the year. The program will invite producer organisations, irrigation communities and practitioners, and research institutes to promote and support the scaling of these practices across the farming region. We welcome farmers and other parties who are interested in the production of berries in a more sustainable manner to get in touch with our group.

For more information, please contact:

Emeline Fellus, Head of Learning, Development and Implementation, SAI Platform

Andy Mitchell, Vice-Chair, Doñana Berries and Sustainable Water Management Group