Driving Industry Action

1st September 2017

SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) programme is making headway in securing a sustainable supply of raw materials. Despite an increasing list of threats to sustainability, from climate change to water shortages, this is a truly exciting time to be a part of the FSA programme, and its success continues to demonstrate the demand for wider industry level action in sustainable agriculture.

Pioneers in Sustainable Agriculture

The FSA programme stands as a testament to the innovation and dedication of SAI Platform members, which is now used by 34 of these food and drink industry pioneers, across 35 countries and on 44 different crops. Sustainable agriculture is also witnessing never before seen integration across benchmarking for food safety and sustainability worldwide as the FSA partners with GLOBAL G.A.P and aligns with Field to Market’s Field Print Calculator for farms in the USA. Now at an unprecedented milestone in sustainable agriculture, 60 of the most widely used sustainability standards are benchmarked.  

FSA Unites Global Action

With key developments now in action, it is even more important that the global food and drinks industry continues to focus outwards and to work together to address the shared sustainability challenges, for the long-term.

For more information and resources please see the FSA website.

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