European Sugar Beet Case Study

10th April 2018

In just five years, the members of the European Sugar Beet project had reached their goal. The speed and efficiency of success exemplify the value of knowledge sharing, reviewing current best practices and discussing industry challenges peer-to-peer. While addressing key issues involving the harmonisation of sustainability definitions and practices, SAI Platform members were able to work together with competitors, while simultaneously facilitating a greater working relationship with farmers. As an industry-driven project, the aim to create a more sustainable sugar beet industry and to become a leader and point of reference for sustainability was certainly achieved and more.

SAI Platform’s case studies provide a guide to the experiences, developments and main lessons learnt from member-driven on the ground projects. Underpinning every SAI Platform project is the need for pre-competitive collaboration, implementation of best practice and a united commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve economic, environmental, and social sustainability across the value chains. Our case studies highlight exactly what SAI Platform is doing and how together, we are changing the industry.

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