Fifteen Years of SAI Platform

1st September 2017

2017 marks 15 years of SAI Platform and pre-competitive collaboration in sustainable agriculture around the world. Over these years we have seen transitions and growth similar to the learning and developing that we ourselves experience as we pass from infancy into the teenage years.

Right now, SAI Platform is maturing into a professional world where we can clearly see how our tools affect the way farmers produce your agricultural raw materials. The launch of Version 2 of the Farm Sustainability Assessment Web Application is a shining example of how far we have come. Our focus on whether it’s using less water in Doñana, producing sugar beet to FSA ‘silver-sustainability level’ in Germany or training rice farmers in Italy to improve sustainability practices (to name just some examples), SAI Platform is recognised as a key player across the board which is why many organisations are looking for ways to collaborate with us.

As we continue to move forward, I am also very pleased to announce that our Communications Team is now fully equipped. The recently appointed Brigid Norde-McAleer will be working with Marco Consalvo to fulfill our communications aspirations, and you will see that the return of the quarterly newsletter is just the start.

Some of the highlights in 2017 so far:

At SAI Platform, we are dedicated to developing the practice of sustainable agriculture to strengthen our members’ value chains and protect the earth’s resources. Here’s to another 15 years!

Peter-Erik Ywema – Director of Strategy and Engagement