FSA 3.0: The next iteration of FSA gets under way

28th August 2018

SAI Platform’s commitment to sustainability at farm level continues as it announces the start of the development of the next iteration of the Farm Sustainability Assessment programme – FSA 3.0. SAI Platform members and stakeholders are invited to apply for the FSA 3.0 Guidance Committee as well as provide their input in online consultation sessions. FSA 3.0 is scheduled to replace the current version in early 2020.

Speaking about this important next step in the development of the FSA programme, FSA 3.0 Guidance Committee Chair, Iver Drabaek from Nordzucker commented – “I’m excited to ensure that the FSA maintains and grows its position as the leading global sectoral framework for sustainable agricultural practices”.

In line with good practice, SAI Platform reviews the FSA every few years to ensure efficiency and effective value for its members and users while driving the uptake of sustainable agricultural practices. This latest revision will include the FSA Questionnaire as well as all other elements of the FSA Programme. Once the review is complete, the FSA 3.0 Guidance Committee will make recommendations to the FSA Steering Committee. For members interested in joining the FSA Steering Committee, SAI Platform announces that the recruitment process will start soon.

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